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“I have gone through Life constantly asking the question. “Is this it?”

Working soul-sucking jobs and sacrificing my health and well-being and never really having enough time or money to enjoy being with my family and friends.

Quality of Life is everything! I mean really what else is there?

I got motivated to learn more about natural ways to heal after my skin started to break out with Cystic Acne when I was in High School. I tried everything the Dermatologist recommended and NONE of it worked.

I was so self-conscious and embarrassed that I rarely left the house. A part of what left me feeling so hopeless is when the dermatologist said, “it is not what you are eating.”

In addition to having generalized anxiety disorder, which brought on more stress and worry. I channeled my frustration into finding natural remedies, herbs, plants, foods, and essential oils. This book is my testimony to say keep fighting and never give up! Your best life is waiting for you to claim it.

We are co-creators with the Creator. We can have good health, excellent finances, and quality relationships. Our access to a fulfilling life is applied faith, and living in accordance with the laws of nature. Wishing you and your family, friends, and community the best that life has to offer!”

The Book On Healthy Living

11 Fundamental Ways to Create a Balanced and Fulfilling Life

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